• We are always a few steps ahead. We take a proactive (instead of reactive) approach to health. Word's first mushroom gummy!

  • We don’t do pseudo-science. We use research-backed, real-deal
    ingredients. Our team of holistic nutrionisits is driven to create innovative products.

  • Our mission to create a community of like minded individuals who want to help each other reach their health goals together. We are in this together.

  • We don't believe there is a magic pill for anything, we belive health is a cumulative approach of many different aspects of well being. From movement to stress reduction, it all matters.

Our Company Mission

Native joy is a small, California based business with a mission to make superfoods more accessible to the everyday person. We believe that health is a right that everyone should have access to.

Our Founders Story

Hello! My name is Tyler, I founded Native Joy superfoods a few years ago because I got really sick and after seeing 10+ doctors no one could give me an answer.

I had daily fatigue, brain fog, panick attacks and gut issues. Day to day life was a challenge for me and it negatively impacted the relationships with my family, friends and career.

After some time, I started going on daily walks, which turned into runs. I ate whole foods and picked up a small daily meditation practice to reduce my stress.

I also started taking functional mushrooms like Reishi & Lion's Mane, which really seemed to help my gut and overall health. The only problem is the powders and capsulses would make me sick and I was having to buy 4-5 different brands to get what I needed.

I set out with a good friend who is a nutrionist and we worked to create the world's first mushroom gummy. By pairing 10 of the world's most researched gummies into one, easy to eat gummy, it made it easy for me to get all of the benefits in one place.

Now, after a lot of work, I am healthy, thriving and on a mission to keep growing Native Joy and serving this amazing community we've built.